Oil Change

My Ultra Clean Oil Change

  • Up to 5 quarts of Shell or Quaker-state oil
  • Other brands available for additional charge. (Valvoline Mobil 1 Castrole Pennzoil Rotella)
  • New high quality oil filter
  • Check and top off where necessary
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Power-steering fluid
  • Coolant Inspect and report on:
  • Hoses Belts Lights Tires, set to manufacturers recommendation
  • Test battery for charging and life expectancy provide report

Additional Oil Options

High mileage oil (for cars with over 75K) $10.00
Semi synthetic oil $14.50

Full synthetic oil (GM DEXOS approved)


Other Services

Complete Transmission flush replace with new $175.00
Complete Coolant flush replace with new fluid and clamps.  
O.E.M. Wipers installed for From $10.95ea
Rain X superior maximum life all season wipers $21.00ea
Batteries By Interstate best warranty in the business  
Light bulbs and headlights  
Engine Flush (if you waited too long between oil changes)  $119.00
Tire Evaluation and rotation $20.00

Used Car Evaluation: Thinking of buying a car? Bring it in and the guys will give it a look over for you.

This could help you get a better deal or even save you from a headache!